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  • Getting Started

    • Hello Belly Breakthrough Session 50m $97
      In this phone session you’ll get relief, clarify your needs, and discover new insights. Walk away with renewed hope, tips for your tummy and a few major ‘Ahas’ to go. We’ll work together and find out what fits moving forward. SECRET BONUS: I always offer special deals and payment options on the packages listed below when you book this first!
    • Reiki Healing / Energy Work
      Reiki is a holistic stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing. Receive the same cutting-edge work that hospitals and clinics are now starting to offer. As such, Reiki works well in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques to calm the nervous system and enhance therapy. Looking for peace, security and well-being? Try Reiki today.
    • Empowered Choice Coaching 50m
    • SIBO / IBS Lifestyle Implementation 50m

      Need new ideas? Looking for a fresh perspective? Want to brainstorm on implementing the diet? Paula brings you 25 years of personal know-how, including her personal experience on the following diets: LowFODMAPs, SCD, GAPS and Paleo. Feel free here to explore anything related to shopping, cooking, eating out, traveling, accepting social invitations etc. If you need to develop menu plans for you and your family, look no further. Want a concierge to help navigate hurdles in clinical care? This is the place!

    • Freedom to Heal Toxin Makeover 50m

      Toxins in your body care products, your food, cookware, cleaning products and food storage often exacerbate your health challenges, or cause them. If you are looking to overcome an illness, or are simply wishing to live a holistic and sustainable lifestyle without environmental toxins, you will want to take part in this and be comforted knowing you are living the good life, free from potential spoilers that will slow you down on your healing journey. In three sessions, Paula covers kitchen wares / products, body ‘n bath, household cleaners and air purity. Make sure all your choices are working for you, not against you so you have the freedom to heal.

    • Exclusive Private Health Concierge
      This 2 hour session is designed to help you see health care options you may not have previously seen.  Tailored to your needs, whether you are unsure what is happening in your gut, or whether you have a diagnosis, we begin with a case review. I’m especially adept at widening horizons for those who have some symptoms they cant make sense of, who have experienced multiple rounds of treatment and/or have been on LowFODMAPs, SCD, GAPS, etc. for over a year. You may have questions about where to turn next clinically and here I act as a concierge to find your way through the maze, uncertainty and hurdles. Stuck? Call me!  
  • GutHEALTH Jumpstart Private Coaching 50m
    Select this option to schedule all four sessions when you purchase the GutHEALTH Jumpstart from the service shown down below in the Packages section.
  • Total Gut Restoration 90D Private Coaching 50m
    Select this option to schedule 90D Total Gut Restoration Sessions 2 through 12.
  • Glorious Guts Deep Restoration Private Coaching 80m
    Select this option to schedule 90D Glorious Guts Deep Restoration Session ONE only when you invest in the package below titled Glorious Guts Deep Restoration.
    Investment for all 12 sessions is due to book first session.
  • Glorious Guts Deep Restoration Private Coaching 50m
    Select this option to schedule 90D Glorious Guts Deep Restoration Sessions 2 through 12 only when you invest in the package below titled Glorious Guts Deep Restoration.
  • Virtual Meeting with Paula
    If you have been invited to a complimentary 30m chat or a virtual coffee date, networking follow-up or bonus session with Paula, this is the spot. You will easily find a mutually available 30 or 60 min time slot without playing phone tag right here!!
Staff: Paula Springer